Sketchbook drawings

Hello!How are you? I hope you all are doing fine.

In this blog I am sharing few of my sketchbook drawing practice.

As always they are flower paintings. I can’t stop my self painting flowers. I used camlin watercolor cakes. I couldn’t find the exact colors on Amazon so I have linked similar colors. I have used Brustro sketchbook. I ordered two of the same brand. One spiral and one hard bound. You can click here to purchase them.

For this first drawing, I saw an illustration on Behance. And for practice I decided to draw something similar to it. First I painted the background with black color pencil.And because of that the pink color of the flower didn’t pop up the way I wanted it to be. So I painted it again. This time I painted the background with blue color pencil. I also detailed it with shadows. And I also increased the size of the flower. I liked it more than the one with the black background.


The second page – for this page I wanted to draw yellow flowers only. And to complement them I painted few blue flowers which I didn’t like. The color is very very dark. But it is fine. The second painting is full of flowers. I love it.

Oh, and for this month I painting cute animals. Yayyy!!!! I am so excited! I will share animal paintings in next blog.

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