Floral illustration

I created this illustration few days ago. And I forgot to share it here.

I like staying at home. If you give me two options – first, go out with friends and chill and second, stay home with a book and tea, I definitely choose second.

But I never thought I would want to go out badly some day. Its been more than 3 months I am staying at home.

I want to go out at my favorite beach and just sit there watching sun set. I want to go out to my favorite park to see the tall trees and the ducks in the water.

Happy Sunday to you!

Thank you so much for reading!

One thought on “Floral illustration

  1. Hi Heli,

    Like you, I would opt to stay in and paint most times. Or read a good book. But this has been a long haul for us too…social isolation since March. It would be nice to get together with friends and share a meal…just for a bit of variety! Stay safe, stay well!

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