gouache painting and special offer on Patreon

Hello! How are you doing today?

I have been doing great. I have been doing a lot since last few weeks. From posting blog everyday to editing videos and coding, too. I need to complete the coding of the tool I am making for artists and I also need to spend some more time painting.

I realized that I was not giving time to paint with Gouache and Watercolors. Today morning I decided to dedicate at least an hour for painting.

In today’s practice I wanted to use bright colors and I also didn’t wanted to use green for leaves. I think I could do better with the flower but overall I like how it turned out. Even though I love the time when I am painting, I was not able to give time to it.

I think we all do this everyday. We priorities other stuff a lot that we neglect the things that give us joy. An hour or half an hour to do the things we love is enough to make us happy. It is enough to let go all the worries at least for that moment. That is meditation. If you can’t close your eyes and sit at one place for 10-15 mins, do things you love to do. Meditation is not only sitting crossed legs with closing your eyes.


These days I have became more positive and feel motivated to do art. The special credit goes to my Patron on Patreon and my Seeders on Cent. I feel very grateful of having them. Thank you very much for supporting me.

I also want to inform you that my special offer on Patreon is ending soon. So if you are thinking to become my patron, do it before 3rd June so you can take advantage of the special offer. Your little support every month can be a huge motivation for artists like me. And if you can’t support on Patreon or on Cent, then you can surely support by subscribing to my blog or subscribing and sharing my YouTube channel.

Thank you so much for reading!


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