about my current affection

When I started exploring more about digital illustration on Instagram, I wanted to create it, too. First difficulty was I did’t have much knowledge about it. In solution to that YouTube was there.

Next difficulty was to find the right software. Right now I am not financially stable enough to purchase any software. So started looking for free software. And I found Krita. I love drawing in it. It is very easy to learn.

I use it to created digital art prints of my original paintings and to create digital illustrations. Now a days I am creating phone wallpapers. I will make them as art prints, too. I enjoy a lot creating digital paintings that some times I don’t want to paint with real paint and brushes. Its not that I don’t like it, but digital paint makes it so easy to revert any mistakes, choosing color, choosing brushes etc.


Today I am thinking to paint in traditional way. I haven’t done it in last few days because I was busy updating my Patreon page and listing wallpapers on my Etsy shop.

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One thought on “about my current affection

  1. Digital art opens the way for more opportunities to create and there are so many resources now 🙂 I’m glad you found a program that works well for you. I tried Krita some time ago, and it was a nice program to work with then, so I imagine it has improved much.

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