Why I love painting flowers

Hello! How are you?

I am painting flowers since I have started painting. At the starting phase, I used paint Roses a lot. I painted Roses in my wedding invitation, too. I painted my wedding invitation by my self with watercolor 🙂

my YouTube video where I practiced some flower drawings

I love nature. Everyone does. It keep our mind calm. I love visiting plant nursery and taking pictures of beautiful flowers. Whenever I and my husband are going somewhere and if we see a plant nursery, we mostly stop to visit the nursery. We don’t always buy plants but we love visiting and see colorful flowers.


Painting colorful flowers makes me happy. And that is the simple reason why I love painting flowers. I try painting landscapes, too. I am not so good at it. But I want to improve it. Once I gifted mt husband a painting of a place where he proposed me ❤️

I am open to receive any order of painting if anyone wants to gift a painting of their special place to their special one. You can contact me or you can visit this link on my Etsy shop.

I hope you will like the video. And if you try any of the flowers, please share on Instagram. My Instagram handle is helinaik_art. Or you can send me your painting photo at helinaik1107@gmail.com

Thank you for reading!

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