Creating phone wallpaper and know me little more

Hello! How are you? When some one ask you this question, have you ever said “NO” ? If no, were you always doing fine? Is it bad to say “NO”?

I have painted few things from my desk and I realized that everything on my desk is either yellow or blue. I only realized this after painting them in my sketchbook. How funny it is! So many times we don’t realize things we already have and we run after things we don’t have. That is silly. We know the value of things or person only after we loose them. Why we became so careless? I don’t want to tell you what you should do. You already know what should be done.

I started creating phone wallpapers. If you are interested, go check out my Instagram. I have highlighted it under my profile as wallpapers. Here is one of them.

you can download this from here, too

I never thought I would start art full time. I was doing full time job as a web dev, then I started doing art. I was selling original paintings on Instagram. I was not earning a lot from it but those paintings gave me joy. I was happier than doing IT job. But as that was not giving me enough money, I decided to do freelancing as a web dev. And after a year I got back to art. Now I am selling my paintings and art prints on Etsy. I created my patreon page where I will get patrons one day(never gonna stop creating art). I have my blog website where I have amazing people like YOU. Yes, YOU!! You are amazing ❤️

Note: (date-05/06/2020)I have closed my etsy shop. You can find the shop page here on this website.

You have no idea how much you encourage me to create art and write just by visiting my website. I get so happy when I receive like or comment notification on my blog. You make me happy. And I hope I am making you happy with my art.

You can follow me on Instagram – click here.

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And if you can, please support me on Patreon.

Thank you for reading.

8 thoughts on “Creating phone wallpaper and know me little more

  1. I wish you all the ‘luck’ in the world.Your little flowers are cute and fresh looking.
    I haven’t had much ‘luck’ with my Etsy shop (Late Blooming Designs) so if you have advice for me please say so.

    Liked by 1 person

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