Spending an afternoon painting some watercolor flowers

It’s Friday. In afternoon I get beautiful light in my room through windows. And I love to paint at that time. I will upload picture of my table in my next blog. Sometimes I get sleepy in afternoon but mostly I avoid sleeping because then my brain keeps me wake till late night. In Summer, we can also able to see the moon through our window and I love love love watching the moon and stars.

I am so happy that I get time to paint everyday. I love searching for background music while I edit videos for YouTube. I enjoy the process of painting and editing the video.

Everyday is not a happy day. Today morning I heard about the death of my friend’s mother. She was suffering from cancer. She was such a wonderful person. Life is unpredictable. All you have is this moment. We must plan about future, but we should not lost in that too much that we can’t enjoy today.

I started reading a book – Hooked by Nir Eyal. It is about how to build habit forming products. You must be wondering I am an artist and why I am reading this book, right? That is because I am a web developer also and I am working on a tool for artists.

Do you read books? Which one are you reading?

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