Animal crossing ❁ fourth flower and my thoughts on lockdown

Yesterday I made a weekly time table for posting on social media and patreon. I want to be consistent in posting. I have no experience in marketing and I am doing it all by my own so I am learning a lot of things.

So, this is the last flower from Animal crossing series. I enjoyed painting all four flowers. For this one, I used pencils for detailing. I love how it turned out. Let me know which one is your favourite flower from this series.

I am a web developer, too. I am making one tool for artists which I will release soon. I have a lot of work to do but sometimes I get so lazy to do anything. Especially after lunch, all I want to do is to go to sleep. Anyway, I hope you all are doing good.


We all are staying at home. We all are doing something that we have never done/see before. And we all are doing very important thing. Saving the world by staying at home. It is easy than going on war like our grandparents did, right? We can do that. We know corona virus is going to be with us for long but we will get over this.

Things will be very different after the lockdown will be lifted. I and my husband are working from home before this happened. So it didn’t affect us much in terms of going out and meeting people. But it affected us in other ways. People are doing awesome job, doctors, nurses, police, food providers and every other person going out to help others.

Earth is healing from this. We can clearly see that. Less air and water polution. I listen birds chirping all day and it’s so beautiful. I can see the clear sky.

Let me know your thoughts.How are you feeling?


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