Easy watercolor cone flower

Easy watercolor cone flower


Have you tried any of my paintings? If not then please try.

Don’t want to try what I paint? Then paint what you like.

Trust me, it is very calming. I am sorry I missed yesterday’s video.

Our government is doing great and telling us to stay at home so we can prevent coronavirus spread. Our country need our help. We always be very patriotic, this is the time.

Stay home. Stay safe. And even after this will over, try to stay healthy.

Stay safe. Let’s paint.

Paper – @brustro_official
Color – @camlin_official

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5 thoughts on “Easy watercolor cone flower

  1. I just watched the coneflower video. Your art is very beautiful. I’ll get out my paints later this morning and see what I can come up with following your tutorial. One thing I thought I’d mention… I know a lot of artists have questions about materials. Have you considered including a list with your video, telling, for example, what size/type brush you’re using? I’ve seen some watercolor videos where the artist also lists the specific colors he/she uses in the video.

    I won’t have much time in my studio today, so I’d better get busy! I’m going to go grab my paints and get started.


      1. I just finished the coneflower painting. I don’t have you skill in drawing fine lines — I’m working on that — but overall it came out nice. I’m not sure if I can copy/paste a photo here or not. Hmmm… apparently not.
        I’ll post it here on the blog one day soon. I might do another, too. Would it be all right if I link to your blog/tutorial when I post it?


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