Is Etsy a good idea?

I want to sell my artworks and prints and I decided to open my shop on Etsy.

Right now I am struggling a lot with marketing of my business. So that more people can know about what I am doing. Another issue I have is my Facebook page is not able to connect to my business Instagram account. Do any of you know how to do it?
You will think I am complaining a lot but I am really struggling.

Another thing is I am new to this business. So it is hard to find my users. Every one face issues at starting of their business.

please help me what should I do in the comments πŸ™‚

Thank you for reading.


6 thoughts on “Is Etsy a good idea?

  1. My two cents worth….
    You may want to consider these 4Ps when you want to push a product.
    Product= your creation
    (Do a good intro for each creation. e.g. medium used, how big is the art piece, technique involves, where do you get your inspiration. etc)
    People= who are your target buyers? e.g. botanical piece in this post, I think you can promote it to a fabric house where they create unique fabric design for high fashion markets.
    Place= Etsy, FB, Inst, WP …etc
    Promotion= still too early to have one.
    But first and foremost, patent your creation to prevent theft of intellectual property. Ultimately, its your hardwork and creations, I am sure you do not want people to misuse it without your permission.

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